Krishna’s Story

Some subjects almost seem to paint themselves, their image is so distinctive and their presence so imposing. Krishna fell into that category for me, and I felt no hesitation in painting his portrait in one headlong rush, maybe two hours from start to finish. A larger than life character, his calm dignity suggests an inner melancholy, and it somehow came as no surprise to learn of his Tibetan ancestry. Here he tells his own story.

Krishna Rajbahak
Krishna Rajbahak

“After the death of my parents I went through a really depressing time, moving from hostel to hostel without much sense of purpose. I had an interview with St. Mungo’s and  I was asked what I wanted to do, what I wanted to get to get out of St. Mungo’s. This made me think  a lot, and I realised that I needed to gain in confidence and self-esteem. I was sceptical at first, but I agreed to become involved. There were meetings and my confidence grew, then more meetings and I enrolled in the Recovery College. I took courses in assertiveness and self-esteem, and from there I became an enroller myself, visiting hostels and encouraging other people to get involved in the College. I am trying to improve my CV through volunteering so that I can seek employment. Budgeting is my real Achilles heel, and I am working to address that. I’m in semi-independent accommodation now, and my target is full independence. I am more confident about my own future now.”

The finished canvas measures 60cm x 80cm

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