The Project

Portrait Progress tracks my artist-in-residence project at the St. Mungo’s Broadway Trust in London. The charity targets the homeless and provides a wide range of support services from emergency assistance (supporting people in urgent need, helping them off the streets ) through accommodation to permanent recovery (helping people leave homelessness behind forever). I am painting portraits of St. Mungo’s clients, past and present, leading up to an exhibition in 2016 and an auction of the work, with proceeds to go to the charity.

The Artist

I’ve been painting and drawing since 1989, and you can get a general idea of my work here. My interest in the issue of homelessness started around 2011 and led to the E17 Human Street Furniture project, exhibited at the Vestry House Museum as part of the 2012 E17 Art Trail.

3 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. David in the blue jacket unreal Gordon looks like a Russian Assasin the tramp with the beard I’m unsure the others didn’t stand out to me. David&Gordon are on a par with the pen drawing of of the bearded one i know and appreciate that oils aren’t easy in my opinion as your biggest FAN Apart from trying new and different ways styles what are you happy with I know that people say push the envelope but if you are in a comfort zone and brilliant if its not broken don’t mend it my opinion imagine if you put as much into your comfort style as you are experimenting God Know’s how far you could go and why not join that band of genious’
    From your Biggest Admirer

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Tracking Gerald O'Connell's artist-in-residence project at St. Mungo's Broadway Trust

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